BLANKOM is a 104-year-old*, well-known German brand for communication equipment.

The 5th generation of state-of-the-art headend technology is currently in production. Our new line of signal processing equipment for video distribution over cable, satellite, and IPTV networks, in conformity with our product philosophy “long life, maximum reliability, excellent price/performance ratio”  has reached over 60 different system unit models.

We are serving DVB- and IPTV- operators and broadcasters, headend CATV operators, and system integrators with a complete range of headend equipment over a worldwide network of distribution and technical support partners from Germany.

We focus on the following activities:

BLANKOM DVB and IPTV Headend Units
BLANKOM is a leading supplier of professional headend equipment for digital video distribution, providing SD and HDTV units from DVB-S2 satellite receivers, encoders, and multiplexers to QAM-modulators for all broadband applications. It has an installed base of more than 10,000 headends worldwide.

BLANKOM’s product lines include professional systems for the reception, modulation, conversion, and aggregation of TV signals. The cost- and space-efficient headend systems provide exceptional performance and a user-friendly, remote-controllable management interface, resulting in low operation costs. BLANKOM products deploy simple and flexible designs, allowing individual configurations to meet any customer requirement. Standard features include exquisite signal output performance for the most demanding digital TV networks.

BLANKOM IP Streamers and Receiving Units, IPTV Servers
Premium-quality IPTV/OTT STBs, IP Streamer and Encoder Products, Test and Monitoring Systems, and complete IPTV Systems

Design, Engineering, and Implementation of Commercial IPTV & DVB Headends
Design and implementation of headends for enterprise IPTV systems on LAN/WAN, for OTT systems for small/midsized operators, and for Video-over-IP applications. Outstanding experience on large IPTV headends. Our activities focus on CER, Eastern Europe, MENA, and the CIS Republics, where our group companies are operating with an extensive sales network for broadband, RF, and fiber optic communications products since 1988.

*) History of BLANKOM
The origin of BLANKOM lies in the founding of the company “Hermann Pawlik, – Elektrotechnische Fabrik Heliogen” in Königsee/Thuringia in May 1919. 1945 expropriation of the owner, 1946-1949 as a Soviet stock corporation (SAG), 1950 repurchase of the plant by the former GDR and founding of the state-owned company “RFT – VEB Fernmeldewerk Bad Blankenburg/Thür.Wald”, 1961 VEB antenna works Bad Blankenburg /Thuringia, 1990 Conversion of the state-owned company into a limited liability company under construction under the name: Blankenburg Communication Autoradio & Antenna Technology GmbH on behalf of Bad Blankenburg (BLANKOM), 2017 takeover of the BLANKOM brand with all rights by IRENIS GmbH in Nordstemmen, district of Hanover.

BLANKOM is a brand of
Hauptstr. 29
D-31171 Nordstemmen

Phone:    +49 (0)5069 4809 781


PROTEL (Est. 1988) is the general distributor for BLANKOM in Turkey, the Middle East, Pakistan, Russia and the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Established in 1988, we are Turkey’s leading distributor of communications electronics, TV broadcasting, RF and broadband test and measurement instruments, communication cables, hardware, and software solutions for satellite-TV and IPTV systems. We conduct sales and after-sales support for over 30 brands in Turkey. Our main product range includes products for RF, DVB, fiber-optic communication, IPTV, video-over-IP technologies.

We conduct system development and engineering projects for video broadcasting on coaxial and IP networks. We completed a Tubitak funded R&D project on IPTV systems on enterprise networks. Furthermore, we produce pioneering system solutions with reliable performance and stable and economical components.

We undertake system implementation in areas of local IPTV applications that require advanced expertise. We are experienced and fully equipped in the IPTV headends of broadcasting centers with a high number of TV channels, the transformation of media organizations from SDI to IP, point-to-point live-streaming over the internet cloud, effective setup of IP encoders and decoders, and HEVC technology implementations.

Furthermore, we have a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany, where we sell mainly our IPTV products globally. We redevelop the firmware and middleware for our IPTV encoder and set-top box series internally in our Germany organization.

Our mission is to continue on our roadmap with various alternatives in the same line and to progress by merging innovations with the experience gained over time.

PROTEL Electronics Co. Ltd.
Perpa, B-Blok, 2. Kat, No: 63
TR-34381 Sisli-Istanbul

Phone: +90 (212) 221 80 60

Partners of BLANKOM

BLANKOM is working with technology partners to bring digital innovation to your business






Hospitality-IPTV-System Middleware with PMS integration, from Australia.

BLANKOM is the sole distributor of Teleste Broadband Cable Network Equipment for the Middle East & Africa for the modular Luminato HeadEnd Platform

BLANKOM offers the complete line of DVEO to our project partners worldwide with after sales support from Germany

Transport stream analysis and monitoring system solutions with DekTec Hardware and Software

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