Professional DVB and IPTV Receiver (IRD) with 2 Tuners BLANKOM IRD-6300 BLANKOM IRD-6300 is a new design Integrated Receiver & Decoder for satellite-tv, terrestrial-tv or cable-tv (DVB-S/S2/S2X, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, ISDB-T, ATSC) and IPTV. After de-multiplexing and de-encryption with CAM module, it gives content out through ASI, IP and as decoded service through HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, CVBS outputs. […]

IPTV Encoder with 16 or 24 HDMI Input | BLANKOM EMU-8600

IPTV Encoder with 16/24 HDMI Inputs EMU-8616/8624 Ordering Guide: 2 Versions available: BLANKOM EMU-8616 16 HDMI in 16 SPTS IPTV out 2 MPTS IP out 2 ASI out (option) BLANKOM EMU-8624 24 HDMI in 24 SPTS IPTV out 3 MPTS IP out 3 ASI out (option) IPTV Encoder with multiple HDMI Inputs, with Multiplexer, with IP (SPTS and MPTS) and ASI Output. On-Screen Graphics and Scrolling Text Inserter. 5. Generation BLANKOM IPTV Headend Technology. HDMI input, IPTV and ASI output. Logo, Banner and Text inserter. […]

IPTV Encoder | BLANKOM EMU-8200

H.264 & H.265 IPTV Encoder EMU-8204 / EMU-8208 / EMU-8212 Ordering Guide: 3 Versions available: BLANKOM EMU-8204 4 HD-SDI in BLANKOM EMU-8208 8 HD-SDI in BLANKOM EMU-8212 12 HD-SDI in BLANKOM EMU-8200 series is a new design HD encoder for  IPTV. It can encode up to 12 HD-SDI signals. It gives content out as encoded SPTS and MPTS IP streams. […]

QAM (DVB-C) Transmodulator with DVB-S2 & IPTV Input | BLANKOM HDC-7016A

QAM (DVB-C) Transmodulator with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input HDC-7016A / HDC-7024A Ordering Guide: 2 Versions available: BLANKOM HDC-7016A 16 DVB-S/S2 Tuner 16 DVB-C (QAM) Modulator BLANKOM HDC-7024A 24 DVB-S/S2 Tuner 16 DVB-C (QAM) Modulator DVB-C (QAM) Transmodulator with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input, with Multiplexer 5. Generation BLANKOM DVB-C Headend Technology. Satellite and IPTV input, DVB-C output, with Multiplexer. […]

IPTV Streamer & Encoder, HDMI Input | BLANKOM HDE-265/HDE-265L

High Performance IP Streamer & Encoder with HDMI Input BLANKOM HDE-265 / HDE-265L ⟩⟩⟩ HD encoder & streamer for live broadcasting platforms and Video-over-IP applications. Up to 1080p@60fps HD resolution. Very stable operation on multicast distribution on local area networks. Suitable for video-over-ip application through internet. Dual IP output streams at the same time with different resolutions, e.g., one for internet, one for LAN. All BLANKOM encoders offer perfect image quality and stable system operation at an affordable price. […]

IPTV Set-Top Box | BLANKOM 6800+

IPTV Set-Top Box BLANKOM 6800+ Ordering Guide: 3 Versions available: BLANKOM 6800+ BLANKOM 6800+ PoE PoE feature Minimum Order Quantity: 500 pcs BLANKOM 6800+W WLAN (Wi-Fi) interface build in ⟩⟩⟩ BLANKOM 6800+ is a powerful 4K (UHD) IPTV Set-Top Box with H.265 (HEVC) technology support. Being an optimal solution for IPTV/OTT projects, 6800+ is designed to fulfill business projects of internet providers, OTT operators and content aggregators. The increased productivity of 6800+ enables to use resource-intensive interactive applications and support 3D-video. […]