IPTV Encoder with 16 or 24 HDMI Input | BLANKOM EMU-8600

IPTV Encoder with 16/24 HDMI Inputs EMU-8616/8624 Ordering Guide: 2 Versions available: BLANKOM EMU-8616 16 HDMI in 16 SPTS IPTV out 2 MPTS IP out 2 ASI out (option) BLANKOM EMU-8624 24 HDMI in 24 SPTS IPTV out 3 MPTS IP out 3 ASI out (option) IPTV Encoder with multiple HDMI Inputs, with Multiplexer, with IP (SPTS and MPTS) and ASI Output. On-Screen Graphics and Scrolling Text Inserter. 5. Generation BLANKOM IPTV Headend Technology. HDMI input, IPTV and ASI output. Logo, Banner and Text inserter. […]

IPTV Encoder | BLANKOM EMU-8200

H.264 & H.265 IPTV Encoder EMU-8204 / EMU-8208 / EMU-8212 Ordering Guide: 3 Versions available: BLANKOM EMU-8204 4 HD-SDI in BLANKOM EMU-8208 8 HD-SDI in BLANKOM EMU-8212 12 HD-SDI in BLANKOM EMU-8200 series is a new design HD encoder for  IPTV. It can encode up to 12 HD-SDI signals. It gives content out as encoded SPTS and MPTS IP streams. […]

QAM (DVB-C) Transmodulator with DVB-S2 & IPTV Input | BLANKOM HDC-7016A

QAM (DVB-C) Transmodulator with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input HDC-7016A / HDC-7024A Ordering Guide: 2 Versions available: BLANKOM HDC-7016A 16 DVB-S/S2 Tuner 16 DVB-C (QAM) Modulator BLANKOM HDC-7024A 24 DVB-S/S2 Tuner 16 DVB-C (QAM) Modulator DVB-C (QAM) Transmodulator with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input, with Multiplexer 5. Generation BLANKOM DVB-C Headend Technology. Satellite and IPTV input, DVB-C output, with Multiplexer. […]

H.264 & MPEG2 Broadcast Encoder | BLANKOM MPE-4400

H.264 & MPEG2 Broadcast Encoder MPE-4400 / MPE-4200 Ordering Guide: 5 Versions available: BLANKOM MPE-4400S 4 HD-SDI in BLANKOM MPE-4400H 4 HDMI in BLANKOM MPE-4400SH 2 HD-SDI and 2 HDMI in BLANKOM MPE-4200S 2 HD-SDI in BLANKOM MPE-4200H 2 HDMI in BLANKOM MPE-4400 series is a new design low latency encoder for  IPTV. It can receive up to 4 HD-SDI or HDMI signals. It gives content out as encoded ASI and IP streams. […]

IP to QAM Modulator | BLANKOM HDC-5004

IP to QAM (DVB-C) Modulator HDC-5004 IP to QAM (DVB-C) Modulator, with up to 512 IPTV in, with Multiplexer, with 4 RF and 4 MPTS IP out. ⟩⟩⟩ 5. Generation BLANKOM® Hybrid DVB & IPTV Headend Technology. IPTV input, DVB-C and IPTV output with multiplexer and scrambler. […]

ASI to IP Gateway | BLANKOM IGA-4400

Bidirectional ASI to IP Gateway & IP Multiplexer IGA-4400 ASI to IP Gateway. IP to ASI Gateway. IP Multiplexer. With 4 bidirectional ASI ports. BLANKOM IGA-4400 can also multiplex up to 4 ASI and 512 IP inputs into 4 MPTS streams at an unbeatable price. […]